A mobile app can be an effective channel for marketing your brand, as well as a way to add a stream of passive revenue. But, with over 2 million apps listed in the major app stores, it can be difficult to stand out. A few ways to ensure that your app gets seen:

1. Use a keyword-rich title.

KISSmetrics discovered that apps that had keywords in their titles had 10.3% more downloads than those that did not. For the best results, use the relevant keyword that potential customers use most often when looking for apps like yours. Research well before choosing. Changing the name of your app can hurt your ASO. Also, as your app gains fans, you’ll want people to be able to find it through word of mouth.

2. Higher ratings equal higher results.

The more ratings your app has, the higher it will show up in the app store results. The success you have getting those ratings will depend a lot on how you ask. In your app, it is pretty standard to ask users to rate your app after a certain number of days. But, you can get a more enthusiastic rating by asking “Love the app?” with Yes and No options below. Yes can lead to a request for ratings; no can lead to a comment form so you can help resolve your customer’s issues. Also, pay attention to the comments left by users in reviews. By addressing issues and improving your app, you can earn a higher spot in the app store results.

3. To get lots of downloads, have lots of downloads.

When you create an app, let people know. Talk to current customers. Tweet about it. Put a link on your site. Ask friends and family for downloads and reviews. While research seems to indicate that more competitive keywords require more downloads to get higher results, every bit can help.

Lara Stewart
Lara is a freelance writer and marketer who focuses on digital marketing, personal finance, health and wellness and entertainment. Hire her to write blog posts, articles, ebooks and white papers through her website, The Small Business Blogger.

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