“Anchor Text” refers to the human-readable portion of a web link. In this sentence, this would be the anchor text. In the old days, savvy SEO experts would load anchor text with keywords, such as order new steel ball bearings. The link would then lead to whatever site they were trying to promote. This was a way of fooling a search engine into connecting the keywords to the site that was linked. Today, these strategies do not payoff as much as they once did. Many experts are now advising the use of more natural sounding keywords such as these. Some are even going entirely the opposite direction and suggesting that writers simply use directives, such as click here.

Google’s algorithm becomes suspicious if a website is linked too much with identical or similar keywords. But that doesn’t mean that anchor text can’t be descriptive — it just means that the descriptive text should not be artificial or loaded with a high saturation of keywords.

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