Like it or not, the tech side of digital marketing is undeniably important. Customers can’t convert if they can’t connect. Browser usage, search engine rankings and operating systems all have an immediate impact on whether marketing messaging is accessible. The good news for marketers is that there aren’t a lot of changes recently. The bad news is that disruption may be around the corner.

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Fact #1: Browser Usage Isn’t Changing

We used to see huge shifts in browser market share year-over-year, but the differences between 2014 and 2015 are slight.

BUT — we still have yet to see the full impact of Project Spartan. Windows 10 will be released at the end of July and contain an all-new browser that is entirely separate from Internet Explorer.

Fact #2: Chrome is Still Killing It

From March 2014 through March 2015, Chrome gained 5.32% market share. Chrome remains the most popular browser for desktop use and mobile use.

Internet Explorer has been able to hang on as long as it has through simple ubiquity. It’s available on nearly every computer.

This could also boost Project Spartan into a leading position. It all depends on how accessible and usable Project Spartan really is.

Fact #3: Both IE and Firefox Are Losing Ground

Internet Explorer lost 4.65% of its users and Firefox lost 1.95% of its users through a period of a year.

But together, both Internet Explorer and Firefox still contain a sizable portion of the market and can’t be ignored.


Fact #4: The Sony PS4 Accounts for Most Console Browsing

34.15% of console browsing is done on the Sony PS4, compared to 25.68% on the Sony PS3 and 17.15% on the Xbox (Internet Explorer).

Together, the PlayStation console accounts for nearly 60% of all console web browsing.


Fact #5: Chrome and Safari are Biggest in Mobile

31.52% of mobile browsing is done on Chrome; 21.17% on Safari and 18.47% on Android.

IEMobile only has 2.13% of mobile browsing usage and Blackberry is chasing the rear at 1.02%.


Fact #6: Windows 7 and Android Dominate Operating Systems

Between both mobile and desktop devices, Windows 7 accounts for 36.12% of use and Android accounts for 20.26% of use.

iOS actually has more usage than OS X, at 7.61% and 6.24% respectively.

searchenginesFact #7: There’s This One Guy Out There Using Ask Jeeves

But other than that, search engine popularity is still firmly in Google’s corner.

Google accounts for almost 90% of all web searches, through both desktop and mobile platforms.

We won’t know whether Microsoft’s Project Spartan will provide any significant disruption for another few months. We do know that it will not replace the Internet Explorer line, so Microsoft’s market share may actually become more segmented if Spartan isn’t successful. The goal of Project Spartan is to create a light, clean browser that adheres to all current web standards (and ditches many of Internet Explorer’s legacy features), so the hope is that web developers will not encounter serious compatibility issues.

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