A new SEO crawler, Botify, recently launched at Disrupt NY and has subsequently garnered interest from companies such as eBay and Expedia. Reportedly, Botify is able to fly through websites at speeds that sometimes the servers can’t even match, identifying non-compliant URLs and providing suggestions for optimization and improvement. Though Botify is certainly not the first crawler of its kind, its benefits lie in its efficiency. Botify is designed to be a high performance engine, combing through exceptionally large sites in a matter of minutes.

Botify is the answer to a problem that webmasters have been dealing with for years: identifying pages that haven’t been crawled or indexed by Google and resolving the issue. When pages aren’t crawled, they won’t show up in search engine results — and all of a marketer’s carefully laid SEO plans can go to waste. The speed and efficiency of Botify doesn’t come cheap, however: the most affordable plan for Botify is $500 a month, with a total of 5,000,000 URLs crawled.

Jenna Inouye
Jenna I. is a freelance writer, programmer and web developer, focusing on the areas of digital marketing, technology, gaming and finance. Hire Jenna through WriterAccess or contact her directly.

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