You need a continuous flow of quality content to compete. But, sometimes producing something fresh can feel like a chore. Are you pressed for time or coming up short on content marketing ideas? Try out these tips to shake out something new:

1. Update an old post.

renewChange is the only constant, no matter what industry you are in. Look at some of your old posts to see which ones contain out of date information. When you find one that is ready for an update, add new information. Explain how things have changed. This can be especially valuable if you’ve recommended things in the past that are no longer considered best practices or if you’ve referred to a service that no longer exists (Google Authorship, we still miss you). Then, repost as a new entry.

2. Do a round-up of posts from your industry.

round upSet up Google alerts for keywords that are relevant to your industry. You can set them up to arrive daily or weekly. Scan through and pick out the posts that you feel offer the best information for your prospects and make a top five or top ten list. Provide a brief summary, along with why you feel the post is worth reading. If you do this once a month, that’s subject matter for 12 posts a year that you have handled. When you link a colleague’s post, always let them know. Chances are good that they will either tweet about it or return the favor, bringing you more traffic.

3. Showcase a best-of of your own content.

showcaseThis should also be a regular feature on your site. Offer these posts, depending on how often you publish, either once a week or once a month. You can determine your best-of list based on highest traffic, most shares or most comments. Not only do you get new content, you get more love for the content that you already have.

4. Hire someone.

Yes, this still means work, but, it’ll be someone else doing it. People who run SMBs often have trouble letting go of the reins and delegating to others. If you can let go and let someone else handle just four blog posts a month, that adds up to a lot of time that you can dedicate to the core functions of your business.

Content creation is time-intensive. And, there are no short-cuts that can work every time. But, by putting these hacks into action every now and then, you can squeeze out more quality content and grow your business site.

Lara Stewart
Lara is a freelance writer and marketer who focuses on digital marketing, personal finance, health and wellness and entertainment. Hire her to write blog posts, articles, ebooks and white papers through her website, The Small Business Blogger.

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